• Alison Kilvington

MIN452 - Where to Begin?

Creating concept art for the game is a daunting task, especially when you have to do it completely from scratch. There are so many questions needing to be answered, what type of game will it be? What will it look like? What's the story behind it? What are some of the functionalities we want to give it? Will it be a single player game, or an MMO?

My main focus on this project will be in creating the look for it, trying to better my understanding of composition and color theory while achieving a consistent style. Beautiful scenery, attention grabbing assets, with interesting characters to live in the world.

But before I can even work on doing the concept art for the game, a few things need to be established in order for me to go about the path of development. What is the story, the lore, and how would it affect the look of the world? Who is living in this world, and how would things need to be structured to fit them and their cultures and lifestyles? And what kind of style do I opt for?

Well, I know a few things. One thing I know is that there is a severe lack of quality horse games out there, and thousands, perhaps even millions, of people out there are looking for a new game to play. Something fun, with lots of things to do. Another thing, is that they like to be able to run around and have customization options. Third, I know that a lot of players love and crave realistic graphics, however they can become outdated quickly and can be taxing on a computer. This is why many games are moving towards a more cartoon look.

So, I need to create with the idea of horses, lots of open space, and a semi-realistic style.


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