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MIN452 - Creating a World

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Horses, lots of space, and semi-realism.

Okay, I've got the very basics of what I need now. It's time now to decide on an environment and lore to go with it. Other the past several days, I've been focusing on one idea that has been stuck in my head for years. I could never finish it as a comic like I wanted to and I wanted more visuals than a book could provide. In some ways, I keep looking to tell my untold story. And I thought hard about how it could possibly be game worthy, how could I edit the story in my head to be a good playable experience?

I couldn't find a way. I was not comfortable with making my personal characters NPCs, not happy with the idea that some people could find a world that has been silently building in my head for nearly 10 years to be not enough. There was no way that I could edit the world and the story and be happy with the end result, even if it could be the most wonderful game in the world.

However, yesterday, a new idea came to mind.

Well, it's not that new. Less than a year ago, I came up with an idea for an art-based text game where anyone online could participate. I didn't make it for myself, I created it for others to play with. The concept was pretty simple, I created a world for people to put their characters in, and then they drew and wrote about the world to their heart's content. I never finished it, I got sidetracked along the way.

I called it "Kakama Island".

This world I had only partially created already has a lot of information and research put into it as well as a semi-established lore, so it'd be so easy for me to take what I already have from it and run off and create the more visually artistic aspects of my project as soon as right now. So, I am.

But first, let's look into all of the research I have done on it already as well as some of the inspirations I have gathered. Starting with the inspiration, I was wanting to create something very island based. I primarily looked to the Hawaiian islands in terms of the base scenery for which the world takes place in. And since the islands were mostly, if not all, were created by volcanoes, then there certainly needed to be at least one active volcano on the island.

For the beach areas, this is the general look that I have in mind. Overall fairly tropical, with a lot of rocky formations about, created by the nearby volcano. White sand blankets the area and every now and then will be interrupted by veins of black rock from where lava flowed.

For some reason Wix is not letting me add links to the images so they can go to their respective artists (most on DeviantArt), so the talented creators in order of images are: shiroman-e, stock image, mongo261, AndrewShoemaker, JKRoots, and JonathanDeVos.

As for the inner parts of the island, I was thinking of things very jungle-like with waterfalls, steep cliffs, and vegetation everywhere. Where there is no forest, there are small slivers of grassland. In between the long extinct volcano and its hyperactive twin, the forest there seems to be in constant shadow with thick fog. Needless to say, the locals do not think well of that area.

Links to the original images in order: Shutterstock image, psychoelf, skoora, Disj0inted-Princess, aFeinPhoto-com,, and

As for the civilization, I have a few things in mind. Generally the inhabitants live in very traditional looking houses, things you would expect to see from tribal communities. However with the aid of magic, the interiors of them can appear semi-modern. For this we are only looking at how they appear from the outside. The village where the Queen resides has a unique look that I will share through a different series of example images.

Links to the images in order:,, AndrewShoemaker, Wikipedia,,, and 3DLandscapeArtist

To be continued...

Also here's a little pixel I did of the island a while back. I'm not sure when/if I'll show it, but it shows the two distinct volcanoes. Technically they are one and the same, but where the magma comes out now moved due to plate tectonics.


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