• Alison Kilvington

MIN452 - Bumps and Progress?

Progress, maybe not so much.

The past two weeks, I've been suffering from a variety of ailments. Migraines, lightheadedness, gastrointestinal discomfort, and the curse of the weak nose blood vessels. And lest not I forget the news of my late grandma's cat having passed away and grieving over that sweet kitty's soul, having known him since he was just a kitten. He was a good boy. There was a seldom a time where I felt OK enough to even play games, my go-to stress reliever.

In lieu of this, I am displaying here something I found I have created before and managed to dig up. I am not too worried at being set back, in my schedule I have laid out, I gave myself plenty of wiggle room.

This was my initial draft of the island's Queen. Lineart credit to Pyllyrasra. I gathered a handful of design inspirations for her, however I cannot show them due to reasons of copyright. I am not too keen on how she looked anymore, and so her redesign is something that I would like to tackle in the project going forward. I'm thinking that all those spots are going to have to go!

One important development that takes place more so in my head and has not yet been visualized, is a slight redesign of the island itself. I remember designing a map for it, however I must have completely scrapped it because I wasn't happy with how it was turning out, as I cannot find any file. My initial vision of the island was fairly flat, with two volcanoes sticking out in the middle.

For some reason, I was thinking back on the movie Moana, and I really liked how the island for that movie was set up. I love the rockiness, the uneven look to it. I remember when one of the people who worked on the movie came to NKU for the Disney College Campus Tour and gave a presentation for the movie. They mentioned how they made the island in clay first and just went at it during the process, not caring too much about perfecting because imperfection was more natural.

I also found this. It's a logo I made for the island, and my first time really creating a logo in Illustrator. I never really learned how to use the program, so I had to learn along as I made it!

The colors and shapes should represent themselves perfectly, however there's a little more to the design! The lava and ash create the island below, let it rise up from the sea and greenery exploding, allowing life to flourish. It's a representation of the island's unity amongst all of the elements that let it be. When I add to the lore blog post, you'll find that the lava that flows from the active volcano is considered sacred. But as to why it's sacred, that'll have to be discovered when I have the time to sit down and write about it!

I am glad that I have given myself such a solid base to work off of for this project, because it makes it so much easier to really elaborate and make my ideas more interesting than if I had just gone at it, starting from nothing.

This upcoming week, I will making a trip out to Las Vegas to see my sister for the first time in a few years. Who knows, maybe my trip to the desert will spark up some imagination and creativity that I can incorporate into my island!


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