Kakama Island

A World in Progress


Even amongst the struggle of staying at home with every distraction ever, my little world has seemed to thrive.



The concept image showing what the beaches on Kakama Island would look like. A barrier reef biles away, and stunning turquoise water that laps against the white sands. Here was can see a child and his mother frolicing about on the beach.


Mountain Menace

The volcano at the heart of this island is what keeps it alive, and thriving. Despite the destruction in brings, the residents celebrate the loss by welcoming the new that will be born from the ashes.


Starry Shores

As there is no light pollution, stars illuminate the sky from beyond what we can comprehend. It is dark, but the moon and the stars provide all the light you need. These rocks have a spectacular view tonight.


Character Development

Here's the sketch and here is the finished result. I didn't like how the sketch was turning out, so I want ahead and completely scrapped it and went with a new pose entirely. This mare here does not have a name, however she'd be the player character's friend who finds them at the beginning and teaches them how to navigate the world that they live in. She's kind, bubbly, and always there to help.

kill me.png

Meet Luma

Someway, somehow, she's the only sentient cervine on the island! Why or how this came to be is completely unknown, and if Luma knows, well she's not going to tell you. Luma is elusive and if you meet her, it may be the only time you do. Sassy, sarcastic, and overall easily annoyed, Luma often avoids interaction. Despite this, she seems to have been blessed with finding and selling magical wares. Does this have something to do with her being sentient? Who knows! However something mystical is going on with her.


And Lastly...

I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to switch my domain to Wix, I hate this. I paid for this and I can't even customize as I wish for some reason. Oh well. Since I'm tired of using this laggy interface, I'm shoving everything else into this one section.
This is a project I've had essentially ongoing since 2018, though it took a decent hiatus. Despite that, I had a lot of information I already had to work with, and it was easy to just got from there.


Since I never really got a chance to flesh out any item art, I did some squick colored sketches instead. The first is a poison-tipped spear, typically adorned by the higher ranking officers. Those of lower ranks get spears that are less decorated and not tipped with poison, and the lower ranked officers tend to deal with more minor threats. The next up in a badly drawn emerald. Emeralds are considered sacred, and only royalty may possess them. Lastly, we have a runestone of sorts. This stone depicts the popular art style amongst those who live on the island, and it frequently adorns their horses and any clothing they wear.

Next up are 4 depictions of the island. While I still have no idea what I want the island to look like in shape, the two volcanoes will always be there. The logo in particular has a symbolic meaning, that life comes from both fire and water, two deadly forces in their own right.

And finally the Queen herself, who's design will probably get a touch up eventually. She is the direct descendent of the island itself, and therefore is alleged to have special communicating abilities with it.


©2020 Alison V. Kilvington